About Us

NaijaPrice.com is an Online Shopping and best price comparison website in Nigeria. Naija price compares all the available electronics in Online shops in Nigeria. In addition, stated here, you’ll get the key specifications and features of the electronics.

Examples of Electronics Reviewed at Naija Price Include:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Laptops and Computers
  3. Refrigerators
  4. Televisions
  5. Hard Disks
  6. Generators
  7. Cookers

We have a team of dedicated writers that update this website daily to ensure that you get the latest deals, offers and discounts that you can get in Nigeria.

When it comes to the best Electronic devices in Nigeria, we really felt that there was no one answering most of the questions that people ask.

That is why we created this website. At NaijaPrice.com, we are committed to answering your questions on the best Laptops, Televisions, Phones, Refrigerators, Generators and more.

Therefore, with the Information provided here, you can make an informed purchasing decision. You can always ask for the recommendation through the contact form.

Our Mission

To help all Nigerians to make the best purchasing decisions when purchasing online or offline. We do this by comparing prices in online shops such as Jumia, Konga, Slot and Kara. In addition, the key specifications and features are listed. This makes it possible to compare the features that you want.

Our Vision

Easy Buying Decisions for Nigerians

We hope you find the information on this website useful.

Thank you and have a nice day.

From NaijaPrice.com Team